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Risc-V Boards


RISC-V (pronounced “risk-five”) is an open-source hardware instruction set architecture (ISA) based on established reduced instruction set computer (RISC) principles.

Expansion Connectors

    • 4 gpio connectors (compatible with digilent Pmod)

Features and Benefits  

  1. gpio  (16 ) 2×8 standard 2.54mm connectors (pin)
  2. led  outport (8 ) 0603 smd
  3. switch (8 in one group) smd 
  4. 7 Buttons (up , down, left, right, ok, menu, return)
  5. i2c  24c02 smd soic
  6. spi  flash MX25L6433F 8-SOP (8M bytes)
  7. usb2uart ft2232C/H (2 uart ) Or cp2102 (1  uart)
  8. jtag 2×5 standard 2.54mm connectors(pin)
  9. eth  1G CAT5 Ethernet (rtl8111e)
  10. Digital tube 7seg (4) oasistek TOF-5421BMRL-N
  11. Hdmi out adv7511hdmi_adv7511.SchDoc
  12. Test Port1×6 Standard 2.54mm connector (pin)

Corresponding to the physical picture, the main devices on board are as follows:

1、10CL040YE484C8G chip

2、External 12V power interface

3、GPIO interface

4、Thermistor (NTC-MF52)



7、Audio output (green), audio input (red)

8、PCIE interface

9、TFTCLD interface

10、Audio chip (WM8978)

11、7 push buttons

12、50M system clock

14、Video chip(ADV7511)

15、External JTAG download interface

16、HDMI interface

17、USB power supply and download interface

18、FPGA and RISC_V JTAG download chips (FT2232)

19、USB_UART interface

20、Serial chip (CP2102)

21、6 7-segment LED display

22、Ethernet interface

23、Ethernet PHY chip (RTL8211E-VB)

24、4 USB interfaces

25、USB mouse and keyboard control chip

26、8 LEDs

27、8-bit DIP switch

28、Reset button

29、Power button

30、Flash (N25Q128A,128M bit/16M bytes)

31、EEPROM (AT24C02N)

32、Two SRAMs

33、AD/DA conversion chip (PCF8591)

For more Risc-V programming, please check Risc-V Tutorial.